Uniform Policy 2016-17

Target, Sears, Academy, Wal-Mart, and Old Navy as well as local uniform shops all carry our uniform colors.

You may also want to check the following web pages:                


SHIRTS - red, white, blue (light, royal, navy) polo-style (no yellow)


SWEATSHIRTS/SWEATERS - red, white, blue (light, royal, navy); solid only; must be worn with uniform shirt underneath (no hoods)


UNDERSHIRTS - black, white; solid only (no patterns)


PANTS - black, navy, khaki; uniform style only (no leggings, no jeans, no jeans-style, no cargo-style)


SHORTS - black, navy, khaki; solid only; walking length or Capri's


SKIRTS/JUMPERS - black, navy, khaki; finger-tip length (no plaid)


SOCKS - black, blue, white; solid only (no stripes, no patterns)


TIGHTS - black, navy, white; solid only; worn under skirts or jumpers (no leggings)


SHOES - closed toes; must have a back (no high heels, no sandals)


Coats and hoodies may be worn to school and at recess but must be kept in student lockers during class time.


*Students hair should be their natural color ONLY


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