Bathroom Procedures

1.           Use the toilet and make sure it flushes. 

2.           Wash hands with 1-3 squirt(s) of soap.   

3.           Dry hands and throw away trash

4.           Get a drink

 5.           Quietly join your class.

 Use your Lifeskills

Cafeteria Procedures

1.          Use the Robertson Stroll.

 2.          Follow the blue roadrunners.

3.          4 people at the lunch counter

 4.          Get utensils and condiments.

5.          Raise your hand if you need something.

6.          Clean up your area before you leave.

Use your Life Skills

Hallway Procedures

1.           Walk at all times in Robertson Stroll.

2.           Walk on the right side of the hallway.

 3.           Silence is golden.

Use your Life Skills

Robertson Stroll

1.            Get into a single file line

2.            Keep your hands behind your  back.

3.            Walk silently down the hall

4.            Keep eyes facing forward

Use your Life Skills

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